Of late the NASA administration is a bit bothered with adequate security issues related to its data which it has already sent to the cloud hosting system. The problem arose some time back when NASA started utilizing the cloud for data usage. There are certain in-house quarters which are squarely blaming the concerned authorities for not strictly complying with the norms meant for taking adequate measures for ensuring safety and security of the dat. But the hard core fact is that much of NASA‘s data is already being utilized by means of the virtual server system.

It has also been complained that the offices responsible for the shift to the cloud system did not vet the service providers related to website hosting prior to the change in technology used and that has created the problem.

It has been alleged that this has something to do with NASA’s IT governance and processes pertaining to management of risks. These shortcomings in turn have been responsible for the major obstacles created in the path of realizing the full benefits of shifting to cloud computing.

The selection of vendors for cloud computing has also been attributed to be poor. The contractors engaged into service do not appear to be qualified enough to safeguard the interest of this internationally acclaimed space research agency.

It has been further reported that all these occurred due to lack of farsightedness on behalf of the administrative wing OCIO. Also, the officials of this department allegedly were slow coach while establishing befitting contracts with the vendors to reduce the vice of lesser security to its valuable data. The vendors providing the cloud also appeared to be without the expertise essential for meeting the IT security measures of this massively renowned space research agency.

It will be worthy to mention in this context that in 2009 NASA utilized the virtual server of a private agency but it retraced its path in the aftermath and subsequently placed its data in the domain of public virtual server by 2012.

But the NASA authorities are as usual forward looking. The administrative wing has contemplated a plan for doing more in terms of ensuring security for its valuable data. Three fourths of its new projects which are in the pipeline for the next five years — have been planned to be equipped with cloud computing. The effective use of Window VPS will also be taken care of. Also the whole of its public data will be utilizing cloud computing for its storage.

Austin office is launched by the California-based cloud computing establishment

A cloud computing company named Metacloud Inc. is going to start up an Austin office and has chalked out plans to employ twenty to thirty people under it within the next twenty four months time.

Metacloud Inc. which is the California-based company specializes in the area of open-source cloud computing for which it is searching for a place in the South of Austin or even downtown. CEO of Metacloud Inc. Sean Lynch stated on Tuesday that the company has plans to appoint workers for the several fields needed in a company such as, operations, marketing and engineering. This Austin office which the company Metacloud is planning to start up within the end of this year will be the third office of this California-based company. Metacloud already works in the previously opened two offices which are located in California as told by Sean Lynch.

Metacloud Inc. was founded in the year 2011, offers the services which are commonly known as “OpenStack” computing along with virtualized cloud measuring and computing to client companies that finds public cloud structure not enough for their requirements. This quite popular California-based company employs thirty employees under it.

According to Sean Lynch CEO of Metacloud Inc. another company which is also based in California and known as PhotonVPS.comLinux VPS & VMware Inc. is the biggest rival of Metacloud and also its topmost competitor in the cloud market. The few other companies in the cloud market include 99Cloud, AMAX Information Technologies, and San Antonio-based Rackspace Hosting Inc. according to the four hundred and fifty one research group. In this week itself, Red Hat Inc. which is a North Carolina-based company enclosed an agreement to get hold of eNovance which is a Paris-based OpenStack provider for a sum of ninety five million dollars.

Last month, Metacloud Inc. raised fifteen million dollars from quite a few investors, which includes Canaan Partners, Pelion Venture Partners which is a Utah-based company and AME Cloud Ventures. The business house has already enrolled two employees who worked for Rackspace in the past in Austin. They are Niki Acosta and Scott Sanchez. Scott Sanchez was designated as the vice president of strategy in Metacloud Inc. while Niki Acosta was made the director of evangelism. Metacloud’s target group of clients are the large business corporations and corporate houses who are searching for a low cost option for traditional public cloud computing. Lynch commented that even though most of the Metacloud clients belong from the media as well as the entertainment industry but no specific targets have been set regarding the demand.

Web Hosting & SEO Should Go Hand In Hand

wie-das-internet-funktioniertSEO or search engine optimization is in its infancy as a concept. It is still evolving. There are experts who claim to have mastered the art and science of search engine optimization but the truth is that it is evolving and thus changing randomly over time. It may be a year or a few years before there are industry standards in SEO and studies or surefire research that indicates what works and what doesn’t work. What has become quite evident is that web hosting and SEO should go hand in hand.

SEO or search engine optimization is not just about keyword centric articles or optimized content uploaded on website and then trying to promote those web pages across the virtual world by link wheels and article marketing. There is much more to SEO than what most companies take into consideration. It is those aspects of SEO that make the role of a webhost integral and quite influential.

Web hosting can be simplified as registering a domain, launching a site onto that domain, uploading all the content and then ensuring that the site remains live at all times of the day and night throughout the week, month and year. What most people don’t realize is that SEO also takes into account the name of the domain, the naming of every webpage, the layout of every webpage, the sitemap and how every link is named and hosted. These tasks are done by the webhost. Very few companies actually decide the name of every webpage and the corresponding URL or link that it shall have. In most cases, it is the web hosting company that does this job. If the webhost doesn’t know search engine optimization or is not providing you with SEO services in its hosting plan, then you are about to miss out on some serious leverage.

From choosing a domain name that is naturally optimized targeting the keywords or keyword relevant for a company to facilitating the development and uploading of content which would get the maximum traction on search engine result pages, the role of a webhost in regards to SEO cannot be overlooked.

Besides, there are factors like website ranking and record of traffic, which are details that webhost would get for you. Unless the web hosting company specializes in SEO, it would have its hands tied and shall not be able to offer you any advice or objective plan of actions.

Benefits Of Using Linux Based Web Server

What is Linux web hosting?

Linux is a popular operating system which most web hosting service providers use. But while choosing a new host we should know the benefits as well as limitations of that particular operating system, the language and application it supports. Linux is considered as the best OS for web hosting servers as it is very much reliable, efficient and stable. This OS is very much in demand in case of mail servers chiefly due to its stability. For systems using applications like Perl, MySQL or PHP Linux is considered as most appropriate. For “brochure-ware” websites which offers information which were earlier distributed in the form of data sheets, brochures and newsletters, Linux servers are considered to be perfect.

Advantages of using Linux web hosting

There are several advantages of using Linux based servers few of which has been discussed below;
 Easy to use – Web hosting is always easier on Linux based web servers. Nowadays most of the Linux web servers have installable Front Page extensions and this makes hosting easier. The various types of file extensions supported are .cgi, .htm, .html, .xml, .pl, .shtml, .php etc.

 Widely used – Linux based web servers are more commonly used.

 Low cost – We can obtain a Linux OS at a very nominal cost or sometimes even free. Along with it desktop and server applications also comes free. The applications provided like DNS server, Web server, File server, FTP etc. are very much stable.

 Scalability – A website is usually dynamic. Initially it starts only with a few pages and gradually grows with time to meet the various requirements of the customers. When a website is designed to match with the Linux based servers then it easily meets the scalability requirement without having to make any major changes.

 Stable – Traditionally this has been one of the most stable operating systems. A website which runs on a Linux operating system has a very good up-time almost of 99.99%. But maintenance of the uptime also depends on some other factors like network admin skills, power supply, network load etc.

 Can be easily shifted between hosts – If a website is designed in such a way that it can be hosted on a Linux based web server then it can also be easily hosted on other web servers. But the reverse is not always possible.
After going through the advantages of Linux, not only me anybody would prefer to use Linux web hosting.

Various Linux Web Hosting Plans

What is web hosting?

It is a type of service which allows organizations and individuals to make their website reachable to everyone through World Wide Web. It is a process in which the companies provide a certain amount of space to the clients on their own server along with the internet connectivity. The capacity of web hosting service varies to a great extent. The basic type is file hosting where the files are uploaded through a Web Interface or FTP. This requires minimal processing and therefore most service providers offer this particular service for free. Generally personal website hosting is not chargeable but the cost of hosting business websites is huge.

Types of web hosting

There are various types of web hosting services few of which are;

Shared web hosting service – Here the same server is shared by many at a time.

Virtual dedicated server – Here the server resources are divided in virtual servers.

Dedicated hosting service – In this case the user is given full control of a server which he does not own.

Free web hosting service – In this case a limited number of services are offered free of cost.

Different Linux web hosting plans

The Linux web hosting services are divided into various plans which the clients can choose from according to their convenience. Three of the common plans offered by most companies are;

1) Basic Plan – This is considered as the complete solution for larger web projects.

2) The unlimited plan – It is the most well-accepted plan for sites having dynamic and interactive content.

3) Performance plan – It offers guaranteed performance for the web projects which are resource-intensive.

After going through this article I believe that it would be a lot easier for us to decide on which Linux web hosting plan to opt for as per our requirement and budget.

List Of Some Popular Linux Web Hosting Companies

What is website hosting?

When I was in search of easy means for publishing my offers and ideas then I was advised to get it done through free web hosting sites. In today’s world every private user or business organizations possess their own websites for communicating and sharing ideas with the entire world. This website of ours is hosted by certain webhosting companies who lets us use their server space and provides continuous support.

The top Linux web hosting companies

In this present scenario though there are a number of Linux web hosting companies but finding the best is really a tough job. So here is a list of few of the top companies and their features; – It has a reliability score of 9 out of 10, space 300GB.

iPage – This has an excellent reliability score too, space unlimited. – The reliability score of this company is again 9 out of 10 with a space of 300GB.

GoDaddy – It is also one of the most trusted companies where the space is 100GB.

All the above companies provide unlimited traffic and free domain.

So now that I have the list of the best Linux web hosting companies in front of me choosing the best is not going to be a problem at all.

Basic Options Of Linux Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

It is a service which allows our website to be available on the net so that anybody can see it. With the help of web hosting, organizations and individuals make available their personal information or the information about their product or service on World Wide Web. Companies which offer the space on their server to be used by their clients and also provide internet connection are known as web hosts. Anybody with a computer and an internet connection can be a web host provided that they keep the following things in mind;

Knowledge – A lot of knowledge is required to set up a web server like SSL, PHP, mail functions and FTP.

Uptime – As a web host we have to keep our web servers run constantly to maintain a constant uptime.

Speed of the internet and computer – A fast computer with a good internet speed is what is required to be a professional web host.

Updates – The computer has to be kept updated or else it will be a target of most hackers.

Basic Web Hosting Options

There are abundant web hosting options. It is a general belief of the customers that the more the features the better is the product or service. But actually there are only a few options for hosting for website that actually matters. In this article the basic options of web hosting has been highlighted;

The type of hosting plan we choose.

The rating of the websites.

Setup fee.

The operating system to choose.

Free domain allotted.

Domains allowed.

Monthly bandwidth allotted.

Free email accounts.

The disk space allotted.

The monthly charge.

Benefits of Linux web hosting

Linux is a leading operating system in the world of website hosting and still one of the popular web hosting platforms. Two of the benefits of this web hosting are;

 Linux web hosting is comparatively cheaper.

 The Linux website hosting platform supports a variety of scripting languages like Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python or PHP by default.

A comparison between Linux and Windows web hosting

While comparing there are several rumors that we come across, but in reality both are almost the same in terms of;

Security – Though it is an arguable topic, but practically both the platforms are secure.

Performance – Only an experienced administrator will be able to differentiate between their efficiency and speed.

Ease of using – Most of the interactions with the web hosting systems are mainly through the server’s control panel or FTP. So even though Windows have a better GUI interface it is hardly used.

Hosting static pages – Both the Linux and Windows platforms are able to host static files of HTML almost identically.

PhotonVPS review

This company has been in the industry of web hosting since 1999. Their idea is to provide quality service at an affordable price. It is one of the top VPS hosting services and very much in demand by the clients. The biggest advantage is its price has been kept quite low compared to its competitors. The other reason for its popularity is its unmatched service quality. Some of its features are;

 They offer fully managed and semi-managed VPS hosting.

 RAID-10 hard disk storage with BBU.

 They sell their services at around 15 VPS per node.

 Along with Linux the also offers Windows VPS.

 No long term commitment.

 The Linux VPS hosting price starts from around $ 16 per month.

 30 days money back offer.

After going through this write-up what I feel is opting for Linux web hosting is a good idea as it is considered the king in the world of web hosting.